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Since 2014 Women of Color On the Move has provided financial literacy resources to over 54 women and young girls in the Sacramento area, putting them on the path to financial independence. After conducting extensive research, using data compiled from the Metro Chamber (Sacramento Chamber of Commerce), Census Bureau and residential surveys it apparent that due to a lack of workforce development resources many Sacramento residents are unprepared to participate in today's workforce.

In 2017 Women of Color On the Move will focus on workforce development and provide the needed resources to women and girls in Sacramento.

  • 29.8 % of households headed solely by women in Sacramento live below the federal poverty level. Making it difficult to spend the money needed for higher education or vocational training.
  • Over 42 % of these households are headed by women of color.

As a company based in Sacramento you know all too well about the challenge of finding talented people to help propel your business to even higher levels of success. Your support is key to helping us provide resume assistance, interview preparation, apprenticeships and much more.

Your gift of: ☐ $250 ☐$500 ☐$1000 ☐$1500+ will help us accomplish this goal.

Providing workforce development to women of color in Sacramento will have an amazing positive effect as it has the potential to lift almost 20,000 families in Sacramento out of poverty and create a new business hub as companies will want to invest more because the talent pool is there as well.

We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to help women become prepared workforce participants. You can donate either online at
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